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Ali Baba 2
Updated: 10/5/2020
Ali Baba 2
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  • Men someone else knows our secret.....
  • However we must keep it a secret our lives depend on it.
  • Alright then..
  • We can not change what has happend.
  • Hehe
  • They have failed many times I will find the house and mamorise its location
  • I have no clue what happened but the week after we were burying Cassimes quartered body! Morgiana our officially new maid guessed that the thieves split his body into four parts warning any other newcomers……..! 
  • Awk..She is killing my men..!
  • My man I am not feeling well have a good day...
  • I'll fry them up with burning oil
  • He is going bald ...Does he have cancer
  • There was no stopping to Morgiana she first started sobbing and buying bucket-loads of medicine then she started wailing out that her master is dead ‘’My Master Is Dead’ ’She then blindfolded a tailor and he stitched the body...The next day I and Morgiana had secretly buried CassimeThe next day I saw a very familiar face...
  • That is of no concern I will tell the servants not to season the food
  • My doctor has forbidden me from the sourness of salt
  • The next evening Morgiana dancing with daggers struck him in the gut showing his true identity
  • Little did I know that the merchant was the very same man who killed Cassime He was trying to mark the very same house who had stolen the body of Cassime! He took two men and they both marked with blood and chalk the door which had stored the body my door! thankfully Morgiana Marked the other doors of the neighborhood. However, this would not end Aftab's grudge against me.....
  • This man was the leader of the thieves just look what he has concealed under his garments
  • The next day the same man who was an oil merchant knocked on my door saying Dear Man I have heard many good stories about your wealth and am here to offer you oil at the price of fifty gold coins...As I set to dine with him I saw Morgiana pouring burning oil inside the 39 pots he sent us I didn't blame her, after all, that's what oil pots are used for However what I didn't know was she was frying 39 thieves waiting to end me!.....
  • The next my son had wanted to invite a man who had been ever so kind to him ever since our fortune !''However, this was the very same man ..Aftab you know the guy who wants to kill me because I stole his gold... This time instead of a surprise attack he wanted to stab me in the gut...However, Aram said he would not dine with salt....surprising....
  • Our guest is the master of the thieves. He has a dagger and intends to take my master to the grave...!
  • Salt is a sign of brotherhood (in the olden days)
  • I celebrated my nephew's wedding and when enough time had passed and surely the thieves had gone I returned to the cave and took enough gold for me and my son's family to live our lives in luxury and wealth plus happiness I also made a school for my grandchildren...!
  • Morgiana you have saved us you shall no longer work and toil instead be my daughter-in-law.
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