Updated: 3/9/2020
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  • democracy
  • TheocracyTheocracyTheocracy
  • Anarchism
  • Government elected by the majority [most] of the people (but it should still try to represent the best interests of all of the people).
  • Communism
  • Government according to religious doctrine [laws], such as found in the Christian Bible or Islamic Koran.
  • Fascism
  • People co-operating in their society, without the need for any government at all.
  • Monarchisum
  • In theory, this type of government ensures that all the people are equal in every way: wealth, opportunity, freedom from discrimination etc. (The reality has been very different, as communist countries quickly became dictatorships.)
  • A type of dictatorship where the ruler has total power and controls all aspects [parts] of people’s lives, often using force. Fascists often emphasise [highlight] the greatness of their own country above all others (eg Nazi Germany).
  • Rule by a king or queen, whose son/daughter will then usually become king/queen. True monarchism requires [demands] that the people obey their
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