Socrates' Apology

Updated: 9/9/2021
Socrates' Apology

Storyboard Text

  • Socrates begins his defense by explaining what he does and why he does it, but also why his accusers and those of Athens hate him.
  • You all do not like me for my wisdom, but god himself has told me I am not wise and neither are you.
  • Socrates defends his teachings by explaining ignorance to wisdom. Ultimately, Socrates addresses his charges as ambitious and impetuous.
  • The young people, presumably your children, follow me through the courses of examination of thought. Because of this, Meletos, Lycon, and Anutos badmouth me endlessly and accuse me of these three different charges.
  • Socrates calls out Meletos and questions him about his viewpoints on the education of the young and old of Athens, resulting in Socratic Irony.
  • Not specifically, but descriptively, Socrates describes the charges to the people of Athens
  • Meletos attacked mw along with Anutos and Lukon, Meletos on behalf of the writers, Anutos with the rafters and Politicians, and Lukon on behalf of the orators.
  • Socrates begins his defense against the charges
  • This, I assure you, men of Athens, is the truth.
  • Socrates begins to examine his charge from Meletos
  • I certainly do
  • Here, Meletos, do tell me: don''t you take as your highest priority that the young will be as good as possible