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Updated: 3/10/2021
Math comic

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  • The Puppy Rescue Problemby Jordan Littlepage
  • HA HA HA
  • I need to save my puppy! The old castle is on the other side of the Dark forest, Maybe I can use these unicorns to get there faster
  • I can use law of cosines to see how far I need to go.
  • from an overhead map of the land o just so happen to have at this very moment, this is the distance from all of the sides except for the mountain, each line represents the distance between each area
  • a=8
  • c=14
  • The Dark Forest is 16.4 miles away!! and the unicorn can trot at least 8 miles per hour ill be there in no time .
  • b=16.4
  • By using the law of cosines i plug in the numbers from both side a and side cb^2=*^2+14^2-2(8)(14) cos 94which translates to =64 +196-110(-0.07)which would solve to = 16.4=b
  • I could use the trig functions or soh -cah-toa see the angle and overall size of the of this bridge gap to see if it is safe enough
  • I made it to the dark forest, but this bridge does not seem safe, we may need a rope just to be safe
  • In this Situation I only need the hypothenuse for this problem so i would use the formula a^2+b^2 =c^2which would give me the answer 50
  • a=adjacent o=oppositeh=hypothenuse
  • sin=48/50 cos=14/50 tan=48/14(simplified) csc=25/24 sec=25/7 cot=7/24
  • to further show how large the gfap is ai would need to find the sine cos and tangent. the csc, sec, and cot are just the same function but flipped
  • 14=a
  • 50=h
  • 48=o