me almost getting kidnapped
Updated: 1/12/2021
me almost getting kidnapped

Storyboard Description

lmao imagine getting kidnapped, couldn't be me

Storyboard Text

  • The day started as normal, school had ended and I grabbed my bag. Then I headed to the bus stop in front of my school.
  • Okay I need to get my bag and catch the bus before it leaves
  • I listen to music for 20 minutes while waiting for my bus to show up.
  • Haha I love this song
  • It showed up and I sat where I usually sat. Middle of the bus, window seat. I noticed a new guy in the back of the bus. He wasn't one of the regulars.
  • Ooh who's this kid?
  • He came up and started acting creepy. He talked to me and was trying to get me to come with him. I knew what he was trying to do so I lied about my mom.
  • Hey baby, why don't you let me take you home? ;)
  • My mom is coming on at the next stop!
  • He got scared and started panicking. Luck was on my side because there was a middle aged woman standing at the next stop. The guy quickly went to the back door.
  • Yeah! I'm only 11, she wouldn't leave me on the bus alone!
  • He ran so quickly off the bus, I swear it looked like his feet didn't touch the ground.
  • The End!
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