Beliles Bike Shop
Updated: 3/12/2021
Beliles Bike Shop

Storyboard Text

  • Yall sure look like your having a great time! Where did you get those good quality bikes?
  • We got them from Beliles Bike Shop!
  • I was sent here because I wanted a good quality bike. I was told you could fulfill all my biking needs.
  • Beliles Bike Shop
  • Two girls are riding bikes together, having a blast!
  • Beliles Bike Shop
  • We got the perfect thing for you!
  • A guy asks the girls where they got their really nice bikes.
  • Beliles Bike shop
  • This one is perfect for me!
  • The dude takes a trip to Beliles Bike Shop.
  • He tells the worker what he's looking for.
  • The worker gets him exactly what he needs.
  • The guy lives happily ever after with his good-quality bike.