Howl At The Moon

Updated: 9/3/2021
Howl At The Moon

Storyboard Text

  • " Why is it that we allyell at the moon whenit is full in the sky."
  • "That, lesser dog, is a question for the village leaders, Long dog, and wide dog. I believe that they can give you the answers you look for."
  • " I am Long dog village chief, and the dog in charge of all things here except religion. " "I understand that you wish to know why we bark at the moon when it shines so bright."" While I can not give you all the answers you seek, I shall let you know that what you seek is not what it seems.""Go forth and ask wide dog, he will have answers for you."
  • "The knowledge you seek is of our past. We were once at war with the white dogs. They trampled our lands and treated us poorly, until we fought back.""We now howl at the moon to represent our hatred towards them."
  • HELP, I'm a prisoner of war.
  • " I never new our village had such a dark past, i guess what they say about not judging by the cover is true."