The colonization of the western hemisphere
Updated: 4/26/2020
The colonization of the western hemisphere
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  • I am Christopher Columbus I come from the kingdom of Italia I come with an idea to make the country the richest country in Europe .
  • What is your idea Christopher Columbus.
  • OK Columbus you can have your funding but you better find a better trade route.
  • My idea is to sail across the Atlantic to reach Asia faster than sailing around Africa this will make the kingdom of spain ritch.
  • Huraa
  • Look sir land
  • This is the first contact between the Spanish and natives this 1 event will lead to the end of almost all their people even thought both Christopher and these natives wont know it in their lifetime.
  • it is delicious
  • Columbus would take some of these new foods like turkey and corn would lead to an exchange between north america Europe and africa known as the columbian exchange after Christopher Columbus.
  • how is your food
  • Yes one event that happened is eventually the natives had to learn new languages that they had never her of this is still effects today as the original language is no longer spoken by anyone.
  • Another thing that happened was shortly after the native americans were forced to obey the leders of the Europeans and became slaves.
  • After the first contact moments the europeans began colonizing the americas here is1 1things that happened but their are many more1: one of the first things that happened was the native americans had to drastically change their way of life to survive with the Europeans like changing their diet geting jobs and their religon can you 2 name more
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