Unknown Story

Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Looks like it is going to rain today!At last my crops will grow properly and I will be able to earn some money this time.
  • Well, I have an idea! Let me write a letter to god asking him for some amount of money for me and my family to survive. I'm sure he will give me some money.
  • Oh no! It was a hail storm. Now my crops are destroyed and I won't get any revenue this time.
  • This letter is addressed to god. Let me just open it up and see. He needs money, let me try collecting some money from everyone and then I will give it to him.
  • I could only collect 70 pesos of the 100 pesos he asked for, but I wish that he is happy with this and can be able to afford to buy food to eat.
  • This is only 70 pesos, but I had asked god for 100 pesos. I am sure that the employees from the post office stole my money.
  • I will write another letter to god telling him to send me rest of the money and not to send it through the post office as they are a bunch of crooks!