MGR Cartoon
Updated: 3/10/2021
MGR Cartoon

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Doug, I'm brandi. I'm doing good, I'm here to get an abortion.
  • What are you here for today, may I help you?
  • Hi. I'm Doug. How are you doing today.
  • Oh wow, that's a big decision to make
  • Well I didn't want to be pregnant and I'm not financially ready for a child
  • no I have not really thought about that.
  • no, we did not.
  • May I ask why you are getting an abortion
  • Do you take any pregnancy prevention or Did you or your partner use any protection?
  • have you considered adoption
  • You should always wear protection if you do not want to risk pregnancy. 
  • no I haven't looked into it very much, I heard they were safe though
  • Huh, I never knew that. where did you get that from
  • have you done any research on abortions and how they work
  • Yes even though they are safe, they aren't very humane and they can take a mental toll
  • Well maybe I should have done some more research and ask my friends and family before coming here
  • I'm glad that I ran into you Doug, I'm gonna think about this before I make my mind
  • I had a sister and a close friend who had abortions and they suffered with regret and they struggle with that today
  • Happy I could help you Brandi
  • it is always good to do some research on big decisions before you make a mistake
  • Oh Sorry Hello. yes I'm Ms. Lee, Could you give a minute before we through with this.
  • you know I have been thinking about it, and I don't think I want to go through with it, I don't think its right to not give life a chance. thank you.
  • Hello Ms. Brandi Lee, Are you ready for the abortion
  • do I really want an abortion?
  • yes of course, that's fine.
  • Ms. Lee? Hello?
  • oh um okay. that's fine I guess. have a nice day Ms. Lee.
  • Actually I thought about what you said and I did some research as well 
  • I realized I didn't to destroy human life. I also realized I was pressured by others and that it wasn't what I wanted
  • Hmm that was quick, how did it go?
  • wow that is great. I'm glad you chose to give life a chance
  • don't let others tell you what to think. Make Change in the world