The Vampires of heart
Updated: 11/4/2020
The Vampires of heart

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  • "Hey Britney I heard there are two new girls I am exited to meet them
  • "Yeah hi we are new to this town but we have to go now to are next class bye
  • "Yeah same I am too. no no you guys are fine we were just talking about you guys nice name
  • Hi I am Sophie We are new to this school and that is my friend
  • "Oh well look who is here the two Vampires are you guys happy this school will be destroyed
  • "Hey Sophie I have been think all the students that good here are different from us well everyone is I am starting to think that this school is a vampire school
  • "Okay we get it were different but it does not give you the right to ruin are life that is just wrong we came here to Spenser vile to find people like us but now you guys ruined it wow..
  • "Yeah I am stating to think that as well i think we should tell everyone so no one goes to this school again
  • "No I am not okay those girls are not Vampires if they find out that we are then we are doomed
  • "What is wrong Andrea are you okay ... Oh my gosh your right what do we do this is really scary
  • "Destroy the school No vampires!No Vampires !
  • "No more vampires
  • This school has vampires let's destroy the school
  • "Yeah ha ha ha now you guys tell us who you really are
  • "Wow you are right we have been selfish and have not cared if we affect the others so we will leave this town okay but don't tell anyone about what we have did okay please
  • "Wow really well let's go back to sleep okay bye
  • "Wow Sophie I had the craziest dream ever it was that we were at a school and there were vampires
  • "Okay thank you we will not speak of this okay but please don't tell anyone you saw vampires
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