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Muhammad(SA) life
Updated: 1/31/2020
Muhammad(SA) life
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  • Muhammad(SA) Birth
  • Muhammad(SA) moves in with uncle
  • The Revelation
  • Prophet Muhammad(SA) was born in Makkah around the 570 c.e from Amina(RA) and Abdullah(RA) though his father died before he was born
  • Muhammad(SA) moves to Yathrib
  • Prophet Muhammad(SA) Moved in with his uncle after his mother(RA) and grandfather(RA) died.
  • Muhammad(SA) Makes the Treaty of Hudaibiyah
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  • In the year 610 c.e Rasulullah(SA) had came to Cave Thawr to meditate. Then the angel Jibril and squeezed the prophet telling him to spread the message of Islam and giving him knowledge because the prophet was uneducated.When the prophet first had come home to his wife he thought he was going crazy than his wife consoled him and told him he wasn't crazy , she was the first to convert to islam.
  • The war of the trench
  • Prophet Muhammad(SA) was commanded by Allah to leave Makkah and Move to Yathrib after being treated horribly for preaching the Message of Islam. (Yathrib later changes to the Islamic city of Medina)
  • Prophet Muhammad(SA) had to make a pilgrimage to Makkah yearly called Hajj. When Banu Quraish tried to stop him they had eventually decided to make a treaty between the Muslims and the Quraysh called the treaty of Hudaibiyah. Which the Quraysh tribe Broke 2 years later.
  • An Arab tribe named Banu Quraysh had broke the Treaty of Hudaibiya when one of their allies attacked an ally of Islam. The Quraysh were first not afraid but then they realized that during those two years Islam had spread vigorously around Arabia. The Quraysh had begged for forgiveness but it was too late the Muslims were prepared for a full on war. The muslims strategy was to build a Trench hence the name, Battle of the Trench or Khandaq. The Muslims ended up winning the battle and taking over the Ka'bah which they destroyed the Idols inside of it. The prophet(SA) passed away 2 years later.
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