Number the stars
Updated: 6/2/2020
Number the stars

Storyboard Text

  • Sorry
  • Why are tou running!
  • The Nazis are coming to relocate the jews
  • why don't we take the jews in a boat to sweden
  • It was world war 2. Nazis take over Denmark. One day Ellen Rosen and her friend Annemarie and her Annemarie's sister Kirsti were running, but the Nazis soldiers stop them
  • What are you doing here
  • I'am giving the breakfast to my uncle
  • At night Peter came and told Annemarie's parents that the Nazis was relocating Jews. The next day Ellen's family went to Peter's house
  • Wait, Uncle Henrik
  • They went to uncle Henrik's house.They planed to take the jews to sweden
  • Hurray
  • hurray
  • Annemarie,s mother forgot to give Uncle Henrik a packet. Annemarie's put the the packet into the basket. But the soldiers stop her. Luckily The soldiers didn't realized that the paket was a handkerchief
  • Annemarie gave to uncle Henrik a handkerchief and said goodbye to Hellen
  • The Jews escaped on the boat. They were dancing on the streets and all the people was happy