my crush
Updated: 12/19/2019
my crush
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  • NARRATION: Two boys were talking about hanging out with friends when one told the other who they liked
  • Do you think you could hang out with with every one tomorrow
  • Well yeah but it might be awkward because i like Olivia
  • NARRATION: The other one told him he liked her too and one said that she liked him back.
  • Wait, what you like Olivia.I like her too
  • Umm well she’s mine, she likes me i know it
  • NARRATION: One of the boys disagrees and they both argue.
  • NO
  • YES
  • NARRATION: Soon one of the boys gets fed up and punches the other
  • NARRATION: Soon Olivia comes comes by and tells them to stop fighting and tells them to apologize
  • Boys, Boys don’t fight it’s not safe. What even is the big deal. You should apologize.
  • I mean i guess it wasn’t a big deal. I’m sorry
  • Yeah , really i’m sorry too
  • NARRATION: Both boys apologized and were fine after that.
  • We good bro?
  • Yep, all good man.
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