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Updated: 2/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Dynasty
  • we should make a wall!
  • what should we do about the soldiers?
  • Inventions
  • I call it, paper money!
  • what do you have there, billy?
  • abominations
  • don't kill him! let somebody else do it for you, otherwise it's against the abominations
  • The Q'in dynasty began building the great wall to protect them in battle, also to give them an advantage when fighting back.
  • philosophies
  • Paper money is a Chinese invention used in our daily lives. It makes life a little bit easier, especially when buying things.
  • the rule is to not kill your family. This rule should be common sence, but I guess not.
  • Legalism is the idea that those who disobey the strict rules have a harsh punishment.
  • STOP!!!!!