othello act 1 scene 1
Updated: 2/23/2021
othello act 1 scene 1

Storyboard Description

Iago and Roderigo mid conversation on the way to the brabantio house

Storyboard Text

  • If you don't like him you should quit
  • Calm down.
  • I'm working under him to take advantage of him
  • Not everyone can be in charge, and not everyone in charge should be followed
  • Look at all of the people who are servants for life and get nothing out of it
  • They ought to be whipped for being so stupid.
  • One who looks dutiful and devoted, but who's really looking out for himself
  • by pretending to serve their lord, they can get rich
  • But then there's a different type of servant
  • Rich enough to become their own masters.
  • Men like that have soul
  • and that's the type of man i am, let me tell you.