Aging population
Updated: 7/1/2020
Aging population
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  • Exposition
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  • Statistics
  • OH NO..
  • Causes
  • Time:2987ADPlace:Hong Kongcharacters:two government officialsNarrator:one day,there were two officials are discussing
  • Causes
  • 1)2009-2987
  • 2)
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  • Official1:OH NO!The problem of aging population is serious nowadays Official2:Then how we solve the aging population!(scared)
  • Argue
  • Narrator:A man appeared suddenlyA man:Do you guys want to know the reason why aging population is serious and the solutions of it?Official1&2:Who are you!?Why can you get in here?A man:You no need to know.
  • Effects
  • A man:First reason is Decrease in birth rate.There just a few people get birth.Second reason is the medical system is well developed so human life is extended.A man:These are the reason why aging population occur.
  • ⬇️
  • 2019:dead in 80 yrs old2987:dead in 200 yrs old
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  • Official1:Why I must trust you?Maybe you are deceiving me!official2:We can listen to him first, maybe he’s right and he can help us and the whole world!Official1:Okay, I will listen what he’s going to say.
  • A man: the effects of aging population is very serious.Firstly,the government has more financial burdens,such as medical allowance,housing allowance etc.
  • 2019GOV⬇️People⬇️1,000HKD
  • 2087GOV⬇️People⬇️1billion HKD
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