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Updated: 10/13/2021
LD&B Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Woman is calling insurance
  • *ringing* thank you for calling our insurance agency. please hold.
  • *on hold music* We are busy assisting other customers, estimated wait time is 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • She is left on hold
  • we appreciate your business. we are still busy assisting other customers. thank you for your patience
  • She is left on hold for a very long time.
  • Establishing a shot of a living room with a middle-aged woman pacing on the phone. There is going to be SFX of a phone ringing and an automated response on the other end.
  • She gives up and decides to call LD&B
  • I've been on hold for a whole day...maybe I should try a different agency
  • Time has passed, and she is now laying on the couch, still on hold. There is SFX of an automated voice system telling her to hold.
  • LD&B associate picks up right away
  • Thank you for calling LD&B! How can I assist you today?
  • It is clear that more time has passed and she is now on the floor, completely defeated by being on hold for a long time. There is still SFX coming from her phone, which is an automated voice system that has been on loop.
  • She is happy and excited to get started.
  • Oh my god! They picked up right away!
  • She gives up and hangs up on the company she's been trying to get a hold of for the whole day. She then decides to call LD&B, hoping to get them to address her need for insurance.
  • Upon ringing, she is not put on hold and an LD&B associate picks up right away, demonstrating superior customer service.
  • The woman is ecstatic and air pumps. She is really happy that LD&B picked up the phone so fast. After this scene, it fades to the LD&B logo with all of their contact information.
  • Hello! I am looking for personal lines of insurance, can you help me with that?