Unknown Story

Updated: 10/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Mom, I need 50 pesos for my school project.
  • But mom, 20 pesos is just enough for my fare!
  • In my time, 20 pesos lasts me two days!
  • 50 pesos? That’s too much for a school project. 20 pesos will be enough
  • Excuse me, miss? Could you help send a message for my grandson?
  • I should write a mail for my son and ask him about his family.
  • Sure! So first you press..
  • I really am blessed today. Old people must have it rough without technology in their time.
  • Computer Shop
  • Great! What am I going to do? I have this project before 10 pm!
  • I should go to a library. Mom used to go there!
  • Where have you been young lady? It’s past 8:30 pm already!
  • You had me worried! If it was back in time, you would be taken custody for not following curfew!
  • I went to the library because there was a power shortage while I was doing my project.
  • Man! People from before really had a difficult life. The past and present sure is different
  • I should sleep now though. I still have classes tomorrow.
  • THE END!