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Social studies Storyboard
Updated: 10/2/2019
Social studies Storyboard
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paleolithic age to agriculture

Storyboard Text

  • Misery in the Paleolithic Age
  • Mommy,Daddy why do we have to do this?
  • Farming and Domestication
  • Bob,Steve,Edgar I got some food!
  • Look at all this wheat!
  • Thriving in the Neolithic age
  • And there's the first fish of the day!
  • In the paleolithic age everyone were nomads and traveled around to have food. Moms took care of their kids and gathered berries, flowers, and other things used to weave baskets,and bowls. While the Dada hunted for food, which were rabbits, bears, and dear. This age is also called the stone age because humans back then used tools made from stone. the stone age ended around 8000 bce.
  • Other jobs in the Neolithic age
  • After people discovered farming and figured out that, you could bring animals home, the population increased because there was enough food, they also figured out that they could just take animals home instead of working harder by hunting for animals everyday, they domesticated them. The beginning around the neolithic age or the stone age began around 8000 bce and ended around 300 bce because people started to make metal tools.
  • Surplus of food
  • later in the Neolithic age people began trading food for other things. An example is someone trading a pineapple for a apple . They also started making permanent shelters to stay in instead of building temporary shelter and moving. Most of the permanent shelters were built in the Mediterranean because of the natural fertilizer.
  • Trading
  • I'll take a Blueberries for this knife.
  • Because people had a surplus of food people did other jobs, in this examples they a man is making a sword. Not having to move everywhere they built permanent shelters and they built walls around there towns. The stone walls were built to protect themselves.
  • In the Paleolithic age. or the stone age, people barely had any food and the population was barely sustaining its self. But in the Neolithic age or the New stone age people settled down in communities and had lots of food. so the population grew exponentially .
  • Ruff!
  • People had so much food that people traded others for non-food items. In this example A woman is selling Blueberries, and two slices of cheese,And the man is trading the blueberries for his knife.
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