Autobiographie de Nelson Mandela
Updated: 2/26/2021
Autobiographie de Nelson Mandela

Storyboard Description

Anglais; devoir : storyboard de l'autobiographie de Nelson Mandela

Storyboard Text

  • Okay, what's your idea ?
  • Listen, going to school you have to be well-dress up. By the way I have an idea !
  • school
  • I wasn't expecting this
  • Let's go. I hope that I'm going to cut to the right size.
  • Yeah, it's perfect !
  • So, you're ready for tomorrow.
  • It's more tight now ?
  • On the day before Mandela was to begin school. His father takes him aside and explains to him that he must be well dressed to go to school.
  • Good Morning ! I am Miss Mdingane, and I will be your mistress for this year.
  • His pants are really weird...
  • What's with the suit! His pants are bigger than those legs.
  • I don't care if my classmates don't like my suit. Me I feel very great in it !!
  • Once they get home; Manndela's father prepares to cut his pants at knees, to make a suit at his son.
  • Students, I'm going to give you all a new name that will be English, and you'll only call yourself that at school okay.
  • But I liked my first name
  • If you want to talk, raise your hand.
  • Oh no. . . It wasn't a joke!
  • Seriously !
  • Mandela's father cut off his pants to give it to him and now he's adjusts it them with string.
  • In fact, now I can't wait to know my new name !
  • You're going to be called Nelson.
  • All right.
  • I wonder what name she's gonna pick for me...
  • If you want to talk, raise your hand.
  • The comrades find Mandela's outfit strange, some make fun of him. But him, Mandela he is proud of the uniform his father made for him.
  • The teacher, Miss Mdingane, explains them a little about the British way of working and announces they'll have an English name at the school. She also tells them that it always been like this and it always will be, so there's no need for parents who didn't know to complain. Students are shocked some don’t understand too much, on the moment. But since they’re still children's, it their passes quickly.
  • Students are eager to find out what their new English first name is. Miss Mdingane gives Mandela the name Nelson. He wonders why she gave him such this special name; and whether there was anything to do with the great British naval captian Lord Nelson, whose name he had already heard. But he gave up the idea.
  • Why Nelson ? Same name as the great captain British sea Lord Nelson. . .That's intriguing. But I'm gonna ditch.