Elephant in the window

Updated: 10/15/2020
Elephant in the window

Storyboard Description

"There's an elephant in the window"

Storyboard Text

  • "Hi, Jana, we have a problem"
  • Josh said to Jana that they have a problem. Jana asked Josh what is it
  • "What is it Josh?"
  • Josh said there's an elephant in the window, and Jana is shocked that she can only say what.
  • "There's an elephant in the window!"
  • "What!"
  • "Yes, its true!"
  • Jana asked Josh if its true, and Josh said yes.
  • "Is it true?"
  • "i don't see anything in the window"
  • "Probably it left?"
  • Jana did not see anything in the window and Josh tries to make a reason that it left.
  • Jana realized that there was no really elephant and Josh was just joking he said its impossible to have an elephant in the window.
  • "I was just joking, its impossible to have an elephant in the window!"
  • "The elephant is not true isn't it"
  • Josh said sorry to Jana and said that he is just bored and Jana understands him and said its okay.
  • "Sorry for scaring you i am just bored
  • "Dont worry it's okay!"