Stress situation 2

Updated: 3/4/2021
Stress situation 2

Storyboard Text

  • That is normal in this type of cases. A stress attack can couse high blood preasue, making some people suffer headache, and sometimes, when the person has vascular problems, heart attacks.
  • You have crashed my car. Who is gonna pay for this?
  • I am really sorry, i fell asleep for a sec. I don´t have any money to paid your damages
  • i am gonna to sue you!!I don´t care who you are, i am going to get my money, and my car reparired
  • I don´t feel well. My chest is hurting me. What am i going to do?What a headache i got now. I need some help. I´m feeling really bad.
  • What happend to him?
  • That was my fault, i was so scared that i yell him. I am really sorry. Can i do something?
  • Just let me do my job. I have lo leave you now.
  • Just breath, that is a stress attack. Can be manifest itself with pain, anxiety, and sometimes, vascular problems.
  • Doc, i still feel really bad, i can´t sleep, got nausea, and my stomach hurts!
  • Since the accident i don´t feel well.