revolución industrial

Updated: 7/29/2020
revolución industrial

Storyboard Text

  • cheap labor
  • I am delighted to work on the railway even if they pay very little
  • Yes, I am also delightednor that they were deceiving us with a world with equal wages
  • consequence of industrialization
  • In my opinion, air pollution increased due to the greater burning of coal to generate energy for the machines and worst of all, my cousin was injured by the terrible working conditions in the factories.
  • they removed me from my lands and brought me to the city to submit to work in those big companies
  • lavor movement
  • destroy the machines !!
  • we want a social change that has a greater well-being for workers
  • capitalism
  • $$$$
  • If all wealth is the product of work, why is the wealth of the world held by some individuals and not by the working class?
  • Agricultural revolution
  • very high increase in agricultural productivity
  • end of industrial revolucion
  • the end comes when its economy stops relying on agriculture and crafts to depend on industry.