the groun fammily
Updated: 2/11/2021
the groun fammily

Storyboard Text

  • On the tarmac of the Venise airport a small family of four, steps towards the exit. This family is the Groun family it's their first time in Venise and John and his sister Vicki are excited to discover the wonders of Venice.
  • Theday begins well and they spend the morning in Saint Marc square before jumpinginto a gondola to take a ride on the water roads and passing under the beautiful bridges near the buildings that John and Vicki are taking pictures of.
  • And then the little family decides to go to the island of Burano to admire its colorful houses. But as the family disembarks from the boat that brought them they heard the barking of a small puppy in distress. John and Vicki who heard the sounds of the little dog startlooking everywhere to help the little dog.
  • John,who saw him in the middle of the waves struggling to stay on the surface,started to run. He runs along the beach and try to catch him. The little dogwho sees the help offered to him swims with all his strength towards John, wholeans over and pulls him out of the water. The little puppy collapses from fatigue on the beatch.
  • jhon took him back to the hotel to dry him off and after asking his parents'permission he decided to keep him for ever. The little puppy that he pulled outof the water will remain his friend forever and will help him all his life like the time when John was lost in the forest and the little puppy found his wayback.The morale is you should try to help those in trouble.