graffiti and pop culture

Updated: 5/19/2020
graffiti and pop culture

Storyboard Description

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Storyboard Text

  • Graffiti and pop culture
  • Graffiti is a style of art, its main characteristic is that we found this art on the wall of a public places
  • Pop Culture is everything that is related to popular things in society and art, like music, cinema, books, etc
  • But what is the similarity between them?well...
  • Graffiti artist find a way to express the city in a different but a meaningful way
  • This is also a way to show an experience through their art
  • His works show how he is against the system and capitalism, ironically his paintings are very popular, he is just saying what he thinks about some society factors through graffity
  • There are some popular works that shaped pop culture and people´s idea of graffiti. An example is Banksy a graffiti artist
  • we can say that graffity is a way and a factor that help to express pop culture.THANK YOU