M1 Culminating Project

Updated: 6/15/2021
M1 Culminating Project

Storyboard Text

  • There are lots of benefits of physical activity, such as improving appearance, improving body image, improving health, increasing level of energy, living longer, decreasing the risk of disease, etc.
  • Physical Wellness is how you take care of your body including exercise, nutrition, and hygiene.
  • Physical wellness
  • Lack of physical activity might cause some negative consequences. For example, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity, loss of muscle mass, depression, decrease in heart efficiency, etc.
  • Social wellness
  • Social wellness includes how you interact with people in social situations, inculding your friends and family.
  • Hanging out and communicate with others will help you release stress and results in a healthier system and live longer.
  • Mental wellness is how you think, feel, act, and how you manage stress.
  • Mental/Emotional Wellness
  • Create a plan to help you mangage your time
  • While your friends or family is going through a stressful situation, reassuring them that this stress will pass, and always be a good listener.
  • To manage stress, tell yourself that you'll be okay, focus on what matters the most.