Fall Of Rome Olivia Lewis
Updated: 2/10/2021
Fall Of Rome Olivia Lewis

Storyboard Text

  • That gladiator fight was so amusing!
  • Stop! We have taken down your weak outer military.
  • I knew we shouldn't of employed unemployed citizens to guard.
  • That army of inexperienced soldiers was so easy to beat.
  • We must revolt and dispose of the emperor Romulus Augustulus.
  • In the beginning, a couple is walking out after watching a gladiator fight. Then, barbarians that beat their weak military came and told them to stop, and killed them. The military then went to meet up with Odoacer. Odoacer set up a revolt to beat Romulus Augustulus and dispose of him. The Romans had a weak military because the government couldn't pay the soldiers, so the soldiers decided not to protect the Roman Empire anymore. The government then started hiring unemployed citizens to defend the Roman Empire, but they were inexperienced and unreliable, therefor the barbarians didn't have much trouble invading the Roman Empire.