social studies
Updated: 3/15/2021
social studies

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  • Bonus army is a group of thousands of WW1 veterans going to Washington to get a retirement bonus b/c of the Great Depression
  • Wow! Business cycle is a capitalist economic system, a recurring cycle of economic growth, decline, panic, and etc.
  • Conservation is someone who cherishes and seeks to preserve traditional customs and values
  • REALLY! First Hundreds Days is the first three months of Franklin D. Roosevelt presidency
  • OMG really! Ideology is a set of basic ideas, beliefs, and values that form the basis of a social and more!
  • Hooverville is during the Great Depression
  • Black Blizzard is a severe dust storm
  • Really omg! Well breadline is a line of needy people waiting for free food
  • Oh no! Desertification is the process of land becoming dry and desert like place
  • Depopulation is a lost of residents in the areas
  • OMG! Eviction the the legal process where landlord removes a tenant from his or her property. Because the tenant fail to pay rent
  • Dust Bowl is a place where the Great Plains and U.S suffered severely from wind erosion