Updated: 2/12/2020

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  • John Proctor is using his power to convince Mary Warran to tell Danforth that she and all the girls have been lying in order to try and save his wife, Elizabeth.
  • We have some important news for you Danforth
  • It is a sin to lie in court, you guys better be telling the truth!
  • Everything I was saying before was a lie and the rest of the girls are lying
  • Mary Warren gives in to confessing however Danforth is still very skeptical
  • I am not going to be able to win against all the girls, I need to just follow along with all them again or else I can be killed
  • You must prove to me you were lying before and faint on purpose like you did before
  • Mary is feeling very overwhelmed and is feeling pressured by Danforth and Proctor telling her to do all these things she can not seem to focus and actually faint.
  • I-I... can not
  • You must Mary, prove to them they are all lying
  • The girls start to use their power in the court to claim that now Mary is trying to attack them and say she is a 'bird'.
  • Mary thinks to herself that the girls have too much power over her and realizes she can not win with trying to stick up for herself
  • "He wake me every night, his eyes were like coals and his fingers claw my neck, and I sign, I sign..."
  • On page 119, Mary Warren used her power against John Proctor to save herself and start to claim that Proctor was in the wrong this whole time to get him in trouble