the outsider
Updated: 1/13/2021
the outsider

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  • scene one
  • i hate youuuu
  • greasers suck!!
  • scene two
  • greasers only see the bad side of bob and the socs but socs can be really nice and cool with people
  • I love sunsets😊
  • yeah right😒
  • scene three
  • What did you do!!!😨
  • I didnt think of anything else to do but to stab him😭
  • Ponyboy got jumped when he was going back home from the movie theatre.
  • scene four
  • Ponyboy and Cherry have a chat while watching the sunset.
  • scene five
  • He had a gun! I had to shoot him!
  • He diserved it! He pulled out a gun!
  • Johhny stabbed Bob because Bob tried to drown Ponyboy.
  • scene six
  • How's the story about your life so far Ponyboy!?
  • hopefully the judge doesn't take me away from my brothers
  • this place is huge!
  • don't ruin the last chance we have to keep living with us!
  • Dally couldn't take the fact that Johnny died so he lets the cops (the fuzz) shoot and kill him.
  • Is he dead?!
  • Johnny..
  • In the end, Ponyboy writes a story about his life for his English teacher.
  • Great!
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