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Updated: 2/26/2020
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  • This vision quest will create a turning point in your life as you will figure out the direction you are going toward in life.
  • A sweat lodge is a very sacred location as it is used to cleanse the mind, body, and soul.
  • Let us walk safely on the Earth with allliving beings great and small. Remember as we go that the Creator kind and wise created all.
  • Lowanna is 14 years old and she is beginning to mature. Lowanna and her family think it is about time that she goes on her vision quest. Lowanna meets with a shaman to discuss the process of the vision quest. The shamon explains that she must be committed in order for it to work.
  • This must be my spirit helper!
  • After meeting the shaman, Lowanna was told to find a special and sacred location. Lowanna had finally found the perfect location which was a sweat lodge in the forest. The sweat lodge will purify her and cleanse her mind. This spot will allow her to be focused on her quest.
  • Lowanna learns that she must fast and pray. She kneels down and gives thanks to the Creator for everything she has been given. She must let the Creator know she is fully committed. She will spend several days in the sweat lodge to pray and look towards adulthood.
  • Change
  • Knowledge
  • Judgement
  • Wisdom
  • After a few days of her journey, Lowanna is now pure and hears something in a distance. She walks closer to it and sees an owl! The owl’s eyes lit up in the dark night. Lowanna had finally met her spirit guide! She wondered what this animal showed for her future.
  • Now that Lowanna has completed her quest, it is time for her to return back home. As she walks home she thinks about her vision and wonders what it truly means for her. Lowanna decides that once she gets back home, she will find a very respected and wise elder in her community and ask for their interpretation of her vision.
  • Lowanna meets with the elder and describes her vision. She tells Lowanna that owls symbolize intuition, wisdom and change and that she has deep connection with judgement and knowledge. Based on her interpretation of Lowanna’s vision, Lowanna is granted a new name, Gookookoo, which is Ojibwe for owl.
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