Trigonometry project

Updated: 5/12/2020
Trigonometry project

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  • Hi my name is Lu Keran and I am fancinated in achritecture! Let me bring you around the city and show you what i mean!
  • Here are some basics you need to know before we begin!
  • Find side using cos:given adjacent side asks for hypotenusecos(<B)=BC/AB
  • Find angle using tan:given the side opposite to angle and adjacent sidetan(<B)=AC/BC
  • Find angle using cos:Given adjacent side and hypotenuse .cos(<B)=BC/AB
  • If they give us the Hypotenuse and ask us to find the adjacent side we need to reverse the process using cos.
  • Find side using sin:gives the hypotenuse asks for the opposite side of anglesin=(<B)=AC/BC
  • Find angle using sin:given Short leg and Hypotenusesin(<A)=BC/AB
  • Find side using tan:given adjacent side asks to find side opposite of angletan(<B)=AC/BC
  • In this case is we are given the adjacent side and are asked to fine the side opposite of the angle we are asked to find the adjacent side using tan.
  • AC= the opposite side of the angle<B= 70BC= the adjacent side (30)
  • 70
  • 30 ft
  • tan (<B)=AC/BCtan(70)=AC/30AC= 30 times tan(70)= 82.4 ftx= 82.4 ft
  • X
  • You might be wondering why we need to measure this triangle well it is because for the contruction people need to know how tall to build the top of the building.
  • In order to build this skate ramp at what angle must the ramp be at?
  • BC= the side opposite to the angleAB= hypotenuse<A= missing angle
  • sin(<A)=BC/ABsin(<A)=(5/8)<A= sin^-1(5/8)<A= 38.68
  • If the diagram has given us the Hypotenuse and the side opposite to the angle then they are asking for use to find the angle using sin.
  • ?
  • what is the half the length of the bed?
  • BC= adjacent sideAB= Hypotenuse (3.11)<B=50
  • cos(<B)= BC/ABcos(<B)=BC/3.11cos(<50) times 3.11=BCBC=2
  • 50
  • 3.11 ft
  • ?
  • Welcome to the end of the tour Trigonometry might seem hard but its is just a bunch of memorizing formulas and plugging in numbers!