ABC Folktale
Updated: 1/28/2021
ABC Folktale

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  • Once upon a time, an old couple always came home to a clean house. They were grateful, but confused by who was cleaning it.
  • One day, the husband stayed home and found that the cleaner of their ouse was a swan who transformed into a maid.
  • The husband then devised a plan to put tar on the window of his house so the maid would lose its wings and be stuck in human form.
  • When the maid realized her wings were gone, she was devastated and separated from all of her loved ones, all of whom were swans.
  • One day, the king was hunting and stumbled upon the cottage. The king offered to pay the couple gold if the maid could be his wife.
  • The king married the maid and they had a son. The maid loved her child but missed her loved ones