Negative Thoughts Advisory
Updated: 1/6/2021
Negative Thoughts Advisory

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  • No problem! Just make sure it's with you next time we meet! Continuing with the lesson...
  • One day at school, Marvin forgot his homework and started to get scared about what would happen in class! On top of that, his friend was dumping all of his anger onto Marvin, who took no place in it at all!
  • What should I do? My homework is gone and Carl keeps yelling at me!
  • Blah, blah, blah! My dad won't let me get a dog! My friend went to a party without me! I have so many worries!
  • So, the lesson. Today's objective is to develop a deep understanding of the Civil War!
  • Oh no! I'm so stupid and worthless!
  • Okay, first I need to calm down. 1..2..3..Phew! I will just tell the teacher the truth and make sure to bring it in next class. I am not worthless, I just need to be more responsible!
  • Um, I forgot my homework... I'll be sure to bring it in next class.
  • Wow I was beating myself up for nothing!
  • Ok, I'm pretty sure I put my homework in my backpack. I also checked in the bus. Uh... I'll check again.
  • The next day...
  • Hey, did you bring your homework? I just want to make sure. Also, turns out I was worried for no reason! Sorry for yelling at you, it isn't your fault!
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