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Updated: 4/8/2021
Vocab Project

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  • Colonizing America... Reimagined
  • "I cannot believe I married you, you are a piece of trash!"
  • "I am sorry!"
  • The King is Not Joking
  • Revolts Against King
  • "Come on! We need to go! We're saving you!"
  • The problem in Britain all started when the King married his wife. It quickly turned into a fractious relationship when he found out that his wife could not have children. Because of this, he made a scathing rule that all women who could not reproduce shall be scourged whether it is being whipped, put in prison, or killed.
  • The King Changes his Mind
  • "I think I made a mistake..."
  •  At first the people of Britain flouted this rule since it sounded like such a crazy rule. However, the rule became axiomatic when the King killed his wife right in front of his people. After the death of the queen, life became sepulchral for the first few days. No one was happy.
  • Going to North America
  • "You're going to America!"
  • "Hooray!"
  • This rule, however, was only enforced for a transient time. Both men and women made posters about how unfair this rule was for women blazoned all over the town so the King would see them everywhere he went. Many people also in the middle of the night extricated all the women that were put in prison. 
  • The Small Troubles
  • After seeing and hearing all these events, the King realized how the rule was not equitable for the women who could not reproduce. The King then granted amnesty to the rest of the women in still in prison.
  •  The King of Britain still felt bad for what he had done so he also let people go to colonize North America. He treated his people with salutary neglect once the people of Britain colonized North America. The government in North America was practically an autonomy, they were ruled by themselves as long as they were loyal to their king.
  •  The colonizers did awesome without their king, they were able to establish precepts for the people who struggled to behave themselves and provided lots of land for their growing population. They found out, though, that fishing was soporific job to do, so they made the children fish for meals while the adults hunted on land and built houses.