Isabelle Wu - Grass Fight and Capture of San Antonio
Updated: 12/17/2020
Isabelle Wu - Grass Fight and Capture of San Antonio

Storyboard Text

  • Oh.. no silver? I guess this means our siege is working!
  • Let's attack!
  • I just want to go home..
  • Let's leave San Antonio for Mexico and retreat.
  • We're quite weak and disorganized at this time..
  • They captured their horses and mules along with the cargo. They found out that the bags only had grass, no silver. From this, they realized their siege was working.
  • Who will go with Old Ben Milam into San Antonio?
  • More than one hundred Mexican soldiers with packed animals are heading to San Antonio!
  • After the Grass Fight, the people were unsure on how to continue. Some wanted to attack, some wanted to retreat, and some just wanted to go home.
  • Silver?!
  • A captured Mexican officer admitted General Cos's troops were weak and disorganized.
  • Colonel Ben Milam got 300 volunteers to go attack San Antonio.
  • The Texans started attacking early December 5th. Ben Milam was killed on the 3rd day, and by December 9th, the Mexican forces were pushed out of the center of San Antonio.
  • With 40 cavalry and 100 infantry, they ambushed the Mexicans.
  • 40
  • 100
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