Mr. Moa the ghost

Updated: 9/27/2021
Mr. Moa the ghost

Storyboard Text

  • Once Upon A Time
  • The Bang
  • "Squak"
  • Mr. Moa
  • I will be your guide
  • deep in the wet dingy forest there was a man named Tu, and his wolf Silver. Tu lived alone and wanted to murder the biggest Moa of he gathered his spear made ofmoa bones, with Silver close behindready to start there jounry.
  • The Hike
  • But just as Tu saw a giant moa behind him, he crashed head first into a giant Oak tree. When Tu woke up, 20 minus later, he saw a moa leaning over him.The same moa he saw before!
  • The Sacrifice
  • " I am Mr. Moa. said the moa. " I will be your guide. Tu said nothing. he was too confused. But hefollowed Mr. Moa anyway.
  • The Ghost
  • they trampled threw rain, storms, hail and fog, untilthey found themselves surrounded by poisonous snakes.
  • "Were DOOMED!Screeched Mr. Moa. Tu knew what he had to do.He grabbed his spear, and murdered Mr. Moa, and sprinted into the forest, with Silver close behind.
  • But as Tu sprinted away, he stopped. he heard something close by.The sound was ringing in his ears. And.. "Squawk!"It was Mr. Moa's ghost! The moa sprang forward, and ate Tu without chewing!