graces partway project
Updated: 3/5/2020
graces partway project

Storyboard Text

  • mesinger what
  • werst day of my life 
  • haha
  • poppy!!
  • In Emder, when you turn 12 you are asind a job you don't get to choose you piece of paper that tells you your job. Lina gets pipeworks labor and Doon gets messenger. Doonpic a gets vary made and Lina gets disappointed I chose to include this scene because Doon needs access to the pipeworks so he can fix the generator.and find the locked door. 
  • the locked door
  • how do we open it
  • In this part of the novel…Lina finds poppy eating pieces of paper that had very neat writing and a box.she tries to put the pieces paper together like a posill.and finds out it's talking about the pipeworksThis scene is important to the story because if poppy did not find the box they wouldn't be avol to Find out how to save Emder. 
  • prediction
  • what its just some boxes
  • l opened it
  • what
  • In this scene...Lina tells Doon about the dox and they go to the pipeworks and find the locked door they try to look for a key to unlock the door. I consider this to be an important event because Lina and Doon want to find a way out of Emberand the door might help them escape.
  • I think that at the end of the novel the door will open and they can get out of Emder for good.