Unknown Story
Updated: 3/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Camp Kakuna
  • Can I go out for a couple minutes?
  • unless you leave for good no.
  • In this Camp Kakuma it was an awful place to Salva it almost felt like a prison because you cant get out unless you're gone for good.
  • school war
  • Guys get down and be quiet we will get out soon!!
  • In this time the war was starting and Salva had happened to be in school...
  • the lions place
  • Salva watched his only friend get eaten by a lion.
  • “Kakuma had been a dreadful place, isolated in the middle of a dry, windy desert. Tall fences of barbed wire enclosed the camp; you weren't allowed to leave unless you were leaving for good. It felt almost like a prison.” (park 84)
  • “Go quickly, all of you,” the teacher said, his voice low and urgent. “Into the bush. Do you hear me? Not home. Don't run home. They will be going into the villages. Stay away from the villages-run into the bush.” he went to the door and looked out again. “go ! all of you, now!” the war had started 2 years earlier.” (park 6).