Updated: 2/12/2021

Storyboard Text

  • the forest
  • food :<
  • ghost
  • i went to the forest but sure was it scary! i saw a snake about to eat the rabbit! poor rabbit was going to eat one last plant.... plant ( producer) rabbit snake ( consumer) worm( decomposer)
  • the girls point of view
  • Then i went to the beach! But that was not any good!!! A shark was going to eat the fish.. but i got to meet a girl! tree (producer)shark and fish (consumer)worm (decompser)
  • then we got lost! We saw a ghost! A dog came to protect us from the weird beast! But the girl ran away! mushroom (producer)monster ghost/ dog too/(consumer)
  • After i saw that ghost i ran away crying i found my parents! There where on a date. I ran to them to tell them what happend flowers (producer)
  • And once i was telling my parents what happend the ghost came up right behide me and grabed me by my hair!!!!!!!ghost (consumer)
  • then she took me to her layer!Where i saw the boy too!! i new somthing bad was going to happen to us..... because the boy said why would you do that to my dog?! OH NO!!!!ghosts and weird thing (consumer)