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Updated: 9/4/2020
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  • Exposition
  • Principal
  • Rising Action
  • Math
  • Climax
  • Greg sent home by principal because of his low math grade and his father is yelling at him. Greg wants to play ball with Scorpions but his father doesn't let him because his grades are low and wants him to study more. He will try to study more.
  • Climax #2
  • Not here
  • Greg was outside studying math and when rain comes he didn't want to go in because of the fear that his dad would yell at him. He goes down the street and get into to old tenement. He heard some noises in the tenement.
  • Falling Action
  • Yeah, I guess so
  • When Greg gets into the old tenement "Sweet" Lemon Brown comes and tells him to do nothing because he told Greg that he had a razor. Greg turned around and saw the old man and found out he didn't have any razor. Greg asked Lemon Brown why did he told him that he has a razor. Lemon Brown told Greg he had a razor because some bad guys were searching for his treasure and thought he was searching for it.
  • Resolution
  • After Greg and Lemon Brown talked, they heard a noise that was coming from the hall. Some bad guys were searching for Lemon Brown's treasure. Then Lemon Brown got the bad guys' flashlights and ran away with a little bit scratches
  • When they loose the bad guys, Lemon Brown showed Greg his treasure. Lemon Brown explained that his son went off to war and killed and they sent him those things that his son used to carry those objects with him. The fiddle and some clippings are Lemon Brown's treasure
  • Rain stopped and Greg needed to go home because it was too late. While Greg was going home Lemon Brown watched him. Greg learned that day not every treasure has a monetary value.
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