Updated: 10/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • So it’s going to start off with close up of my(back turned while I’m playing video games then from there to me intro ducking my selfbasement lighting
  • The camera person will be walking from behind me me
  • I will have my back turned then turn around and introduce my self
  • Extreme long distance with a track shot and a 3 shotSun light and no microphones
  • Me and some other friends like to be competitive and compete in sports
  • Field
  • Video of me catching a pass
  • I play football for GC and This a clip of job football game lasted of me getting a tackle in the back field
  • Like to hangout with friends
  • It is a picture
  • Picture from the past of my friends from middle school that I did a musical that ended and they are a grade younger then me
  • Like to hangout with friends