WH Project
Updated: 2/28/2020
WH Project

Storyboard Text

  • Because I have never lost a battle and I'm the amazing, smart, handsome, Napoleon you will all love my amazing plan to become the #1 NATION.
  • Which is?
  • *shivers*
  • We will invade and take over Russia with ease!
  • And finally defeat our greatest enemy, Britain, with our navy that is way better than theirs.
  • *shivers*
  • (Britain)
  • We're all almost dead or severely sick.
  • D
  • We will create a Republic!
  • (France)
  • (Emperor)
  • Are you sure these are good ideas?
  • How dare you question me, my plans are flawless and I don't need any help running this country!
  • D
  • D
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