Bus System PBL Comic Strip
Updated: 1/22/2021
Bus System PBL Comic Strip

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • Our goal is to improve the Sycamore bus sytem. In plan A, buses exit the same way, it's the car riders that are more spread out for space.
  • Red, orange, and yellow wing car riders can wait around the yellow team parking lot. Green wing can go through the circle pickup if they like, because most of the students that use wheelchairs are from that wing. Grey and white wing car riders will go out of their exit. Blue and purple wing car riders will wait for their pickup in the purple team courtyard.
  • In the order, buses will go first, followed by bikers/walkers, and then the car riders. This brings us to the biggest problem with the bus system. Once the busses reach the JH parking lot, we wait around 15 minutes before we get going again. This must change. EIther the bus schedule or the JH schedule must be changed a bit to reach the goal of getting students home within twenty minutes.
  • Plan B is similar, except the bikers/walkers would go first, than the buses, followed by the car riders.
  • The same problem with the JH parking lot applies here, expect in this case the time there is spent in the JH parking lot shortened a bit by making the buses go second. There must still be some adjustment, however.
  • Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!
  • Project by Oliver Davies and Henry Sims