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Nolan's story board
Updated: 11/21/2019
Nolan's story board
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  • You need to leave.
  • Well you see we fought well and hard for this land.
  • You can't just come here and tell us to leave, this is our land
  • When did they put taxes on the suger and the stamps?
  • Hi how may i help you today?
  • They really need to hurry we must talk about the colonists boycotting the taxes.
  • Indeed they sould hurry up.
  • Imaginary line along the Appalachian mountions, colonists couldn't settle west of the line. Britain sent troops to enforce this, most of the troops would end up along the Atlantic Coast in cities.
  • Hello how may we help you?
  • Hello
  • Get out!
  • When the british government put taxes on suger and stamps the colonists were upset at the news of this new law so the colonists started to boycott the taxes for suger and stamps.
  • Leave
  • Leave out home!!
  • The colonists were furious, even though they paid less taxes than British citizens. Colonists referenced the magna carta, calming representation.These acts united the people througout all of the colonies . eventually they agreed to boycott British goods.
  • Hurry!
  • There are more chests below deck.
  • 1767 A new set of taxes were passed on glass, paper, other goods and tea. These acts cut down on smuggling, giving customs officials the ability to search anywhere.
  • Britain had sent soldiers to protect customs Officials from the locals and to maintain order.March 5, 1770 A group of rowdy Bostonian's started a rant in the streets.
  • The colonists were so upset with the tax on tea that they dressed up as Mohawk Indians and boarded the ships of tea and threw all the tea into the water.
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