Ancient Greece Problem

Updated: 10/3/2021
Ancient Greece Problem

Storyboard Text

  • Hello there! My name is Elias, and these are my 2 sons, Jaden and Nikos! Something terrible happened recently in our city of Athens. Let me explain.
  • One day me and my son's were walking to a meeting for all Athenians when suddenly, one of them said....
  • Daddy, Why is the ground shaking?
  • Before we knew it, a giant crack appeared in the ground. We all knew what that meant, so we yelled out...
  • Earthquake!
  • We ran for hours and hours, until we were sure we were away from the earthquake. However, We had no idea where we were until a local came by.
  • You're in Sparta, young man!
  • I wanted to run back to where our city was, but Jaden was pretty upset that we had to leave Sparta. But I told him he would have to go to military training if we stayed. Jaden gave in, and we ran back to our city of Athens.
  • So we headed back. When we got back we were greeted by late-night Athenians. The path was fixed, and they even put grass. Jaden then realized he wanted to keep living in Athens.THE END