The Trial Process
Updated: 4/3/2020
The Trial Process
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  • Today we are going to be working with a civil trial.
  • Hello, my name is Ryan Garner and I will be representing Sally Turner in this court case today due to property damage...
  • Hello, my name is Matt Powman and I am here on this important day to represent Luke Towle due to property damage...
  • On this side I have many pieces of evidence why Luke should have to pay a fee. To start off...
  • The evidence I have today is saying why Luke should not be guilty starting with...
  • To finish it off I believe it it not okay to be on the phone while driving even if it has a good cause. Thank you.
  • In this picture you can see the Judge telling the jury what type of case they are going to be handling.
  • With all this evidence said. I hope that you can forgive Matt for the mistake he made and thank you for listening.
  • It's a close call. Both of them had good evidence but I think Sally had a bigger point.
  • Here you see the Plaintiff and the Defence saying their opening statement.
  • So what do y'all think?
  • I agree with you. There is no reason Matt should be on facetime while pulling out of a driveway. Even if his mom is sick. Just call her back whenever you get home or just call normally
  • So we have our decision?
  • Now they are giving their evidence to try to persuade the jury why there point is better.
  • phew
  • The jury has deliberated and Matt is guilty and will have to pay a fee.
  • Above you can see the Plaintiff and Defence giving their final words to the judge and the Jury before Dillerating and making the decision.
  • Here is the jury discussing based on what they heard and make the final decision.
  • Above you can see the judge telling the clients the final verdict.
  • noooooo
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