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Act 4 & 5
Updated: 5/20/2020
Act 4 & 5
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  • Act V Scene 1 p.1
  • Act IV Scene 1
  • Sebastian
  • Come, sir, I will not let you go. Come, my young soldier, put up your iron. You are well fleshed. Come on.
  • Let go thy hand.
  • Sir Toby Belch
  • Act IV Scene 2
  • Malvolio
  • Sir Topas, never was man thus wronged. Good Sir Topas, do not think I am mad. They have laid me here in hideous darkness.
  • Fie, thou dishonest Satan! I call thee by the most modest terms, for I am one of those gentle ones that will use the devil himself with courtesy. Sayest thou that house is dark?
  • The fool
  • Sebastian
  • Act V Scene 1 p.3
  • Act IV Scene 3
  • I’ll follow this good man, and go with you; And, having sworn truth, ever will be true.
  • Then lead the way, good father; and heavens so shine That they may fairly note this act of mine.
  • Olivia
  • Viola
  • Notable pirate! Thou saltwater thief, What foolish boldness brought thee to their mercies, 65 Whom thou, in terms so bloody and so dear, Hast made thine enemies?
  • He did me kindness, sir, drew on my side, But in conclusion put strange speech upon me. I know not what ’twas but distraction.
  • Orsino
  • Act V scene 1 p.2
  • Viola
  • Why do you speak to me? I never hurt you. You drew your sword upon me without cause, But I bespoke you fair and hurt you not.
  • Oh, no, there he is! —You cut my head for no reason. Anything I did to you, I did it because Sir Toby made me.
  • Sir Andrew
  • Olivia
  • this is not my writing, Though, I confess, much like the character. But out of question, ’tis Maria’s hand. And now I do bethink me, it was she First told me thou wast mad, then camest in smiling,
  • Most freely I confess, myself and Toby Set this device against Malvolio here, Upon some stubborn and uncourteous parts
  • Fabian
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