Updated: 2/14/2020
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  • Let's make a deal.
  • After Clovis won the war, he converted to Christianity. While he ay have been a harsh ruler, he certainly was a good leader and an even better genaral.
  • Join Christianity
  • Charles martel fight off the Arab & Berber Muslims. Using his milartay stragetgies, he place his team in just the right spot. Then when the Arabs came by, he got the drop on them and fought them all off.
  • Pepin the short, is attempting to make a deal with the pope that says that he will be the new king. The pope would agree to this if Pepin agrees to protects the Pope's church from intruders. They agree and the pope votes for Pepn to be the new king
  • Charlemagne is giving people the choice to either conert or die. If this man does convert, he will live. However if he doesn't convert Charlemagne will kill him.
  • Roland is about to make the greates sacrafice of all. He is about to give his life so that his troups can get back into possition and then all together kill of the attackers.
  • Louis the Pious is spliting the throne into three ways. He is spliting the power for his three sons which will later weaken the Frankish empire.
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